Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly sat in private bar together laughing their asses off

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Two rappers are exchanging high-fives at the absolute blinder they’ve played on the public.

Eminem (a rapper who should have stopped in 2005) and Machine Gun Kelly (a rapper who should have stopped before he started) have been engaged in a “beef” (idiot-slang for “disagreement”) since Eminem released his new album, Kamikaze.

In the album, Eminem suggests he is a good rapper whereas Machine Gun Kelly, is not.

”Yeah, I really tore you a new one huh?” chuckled Eminem, buying Machine Gun Kelly another scotch.

”Hoo hoo, you sure did,” agreed Kelly, slapping Eminem on the back before the pair clinked their glasses.

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”Can’t believe everybody is falling for this mutually beneficial spat we appear to be having… you seen how many views my response track has had? I might even become mainstream at this rate.”

“Hey, my pleasure man, helps my album sales too,” said Eminem, settling the pair’s $5000 bar bill in cash.

”Call me a dick on your next album if you want, it would be an honour.”

“Ah, thanks man” chuckled Machine Gun Kelly, before tweeting how much he “fucking hates Eminem”.