Woman’s most erotic fantasy is trousers with proper pockets

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A woman’s favourite erotic fantasy is for her trousers to have proper pockets rather than just decorative pieces of fabric stitched on, thanks for asking.

The idea of pockets which aren’t just for show gives her ‘feelings in my special place’, and is what she actually daydreams about at work when she tells colleagues she was fantasising about firemen.

“When I lie awake at night it’s what I think about,” she told us.

“Trousers that I couldn’t give a toss whether they’re tight around my hips so long as they’ve got some decent storage space for money, keys and tissues.

“And then I reach down and find the pockets there waiting for me,” she breathed.

“And they’re so big and so deep. Real pockets, like men have. Pockets that I can really move my hands around and feel their size.

“Because then I can fit my change in them without having to piss around with a bag and a purse.

“Christ I’m horny now.”