No-deal Brexit won’t be our fault says man who insisted it would be easiest deal in history

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Liam Fox has insisted that a no-deal Brexit will not be the fault of the UK Government despite insisting in July last year that a deal with the EU would be the “easiest in history” to get.

However, the UK Trade Secretary and former disgraced Defence Minister has told reporters that his current view is that blame for the complete failure to deliver the thing he said would be easy, should not be laid anywhere at the door of the government.

He told reporters in Singapore, “You have to understand that achieving even the easiest trade deal in history is well beyond the competence of this government.

“It’s another year since the referendum, and what we failed to appreciate is that a negotiation such as this actually involves two sides, and when one of those sides clearly states it’s position from the very beginning, and clearly articulates that the other side can’t have certain things, what they meant was that the other side can’t have certain things.

“It turns out that ‘you can’t have that’ is not a secret code for ‘of course you can have that’ – which has come as something of a surprise to all of us, let me tell you.”

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However, despite changing his tune more dramatically than Dame Vera Lynn releasing a drill album, Fox is confident the voting public will swallow his latest opinions without question.

He explained, “I think that when it comes down to it, the people will realise that a no-deal Brexit will be the fault of the EU, for keeping their word, entirely consistently, from before the referendum and throughout the entire negotiation process.

“Politicians simply don’t keep their word. That’s now how this is supposed to work, and I think the British voters will recognise that, and let us off the hook accordingly.”

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