Mums start scouting for nicest radiator for back-to-school photo background

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Mums nationwide are currently looking for the best radiator in the house.

With their spawn soon returning to school, the proud parents require a suitable background to really compliment the fact that little Timmy is slightly taller than last year and is this time wearing shoes that only slightly violate the school dress code.

“I favour an egg-white radiator with the wider grills” confirmed mother, Hayley Rice.

“The contrast of the white with the blackness of Rylan’s uniform gives the photo a starkness that really makes it stand out from all the other scummers on Facebook.

“I go for a more post-modern style of composition where only half the radiator is in the photo, with the photo itself slightly out-of-focus and at a jaunty angle.

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“I don’t bother with filters. He’s a 7-year-old boy after all, not some slag on Instagram.”

Another mother, Nancy Grantham, said, “It’s a really tough call this year.

“I can either be a traditionalist and go for the radiator by the door, or go for the radiator in Sarah’s room next to her dollhouse, which will really show off how much she’s grown and the fact that we’ve redecorated it this year.

“It takes a lot of effort to ensure all these photos look the same, you know.”