Everyone thinking about starting a cake business again

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Since ‘The Great British Bake Off’ hit our screens once again yesterday, almost everyone is wondering about owning that bakery they’ve always dreamed of.

Simon Williams owns a printing shop that make business cards. As such, he is one of the only people to benefit financially from the popularity of baking, along with Hobbycraft.

He told us, “Since the show aired last night I’ve had business card orders from bespoke cake decorators, artisanal bakers, confectioners, patisseries, fondant artists and someone calling themselves a ‘sugar crafter’. All the cards look identical, because of course they do.

“All this because some quite talented people on the telly have made it look very straightforward indeed. Right now every Tom, Dick and Jonty thinks they can make a go of it in an already overcrowded market where the profit margins are thinner than that layer of buttercream you get in a coffee walnut cake.”

We spoke to one such aspiring baker, left thoroughly motivated after last night’s debut episode of Bake Off.

Victoria Sponge, an aspiring artisan Pasticciere, told us, “I’ve already bought the business card and picked out the perfect apron for my Instagram poses.

“The next stage is to start knocking out dazzling creations from my mum’s kitchen. I expect this bit will form the first chapter of the book I will surely be asked to write about the baking empire I will one day oversee.

“Sponge isn’t my real last name by the way. That’s just what my parents have started calling me.”