Ireland and Northern Ireland have always got on so I doubt Brexit border will cause a problem, claims Rees-Mogg

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With the issue of a post-Brexit hard border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland still causing political issues, Jacob Rees-Mogg has stressed that it shouldn’t be a problem, as the two countries have always got on fine anyway.

The Conservative backbencher, who continues to gain policy inspiration from the Handmaid’s Tale, was speaking at a recent even when the question of the Irish border was raised.

“Well the issue of Brexit is as good as resolved,” he told reporters in the audience, “and at this point, we can confirm that we will just leave the EU and carry on regardless if they don’t give us the deal we want.

“Admittedly it’s looking a bit more complicated than previously thought, but what can you do, eh?”

He went on, “But at least the issue of a hard border in Ireland will be much easier to sort out, given the history of peaceful coexistence between the two sides.

“I’m sure the ongoing debate over the border will not provoke any tensions between the north and the south, and that they will find a peaceful solution, just as they always have done.

“Obviously it’s looking like it would take a miracle to avoid a hard border even at this stage of the negotiations, but I’m sure that even if there had to be some sort of wall between the two countries then things will continue to run smoothly, as they have done for centuries.

“Assuming the Republic of Ireland pay for it, of course.”

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