Melania Trump launches ‘Don’t be Donny’ campaign against online abuse

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Amid reports of tensions in her marriage, the First Lady has proudly launched a multi-faceted campaign to stop trolling and cyber-bullying that is centred around a fictional character set to embody all that is wrong with online discourse.

Several small webisodes have been created that feature Donny, a grotesque figure who behaves in real life like some people do online.

At a press conference in the White House residence, Melania Trump explained that, although Donny was so vile and repellent as to be cartoonish, she wanted people to think about how the lack of civility on the Internet would look like if made flesh.

She explained, “Because we don’t see the people behind the abuse, we tend not to hold those who do it accountable. But if someone said the same things in real life we would sanction them immediately.

“Imagine a world where someone openly mocked disabled people, called war heroes losers, bragged about sexual assault, called women dogs if they stand up to him and even made lewd comments about his own daughter.

“All these things have happened online so we decided to make a symbol of them. To make sure he represents just how vile trolls are we have made him a bit of a monster.

“So he is portly, orange-skinned, has absurd hair and always purses his lips because he thinks it makes him look determined but just reminds everyone of assholes.”

Mrs Trump said that the campaign wanted to shame bullies but also invite them to change.

“We’ve all done things we regret. Horrible, disgusting things that have darkened our souls. But redemption is possible.

“It must be.”