Jeremy Corbyn ‘present but not involved’ in questions about whether he thinks UK will be better off outside EU

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People capable of watching the news have this morning asked themselves whether Jeremy Corbyn actually believes we’ll be better off outside the EU.

After Corbyn was asked several times if he thought the UK would be better off outside the EU, where a simple yes or no answer would suffice, viewers were left none the wiser by each of his rambling responses.

Labour voter, Simon Williams, told us, “I just wish, as a Labour supporter, that someone would ask him a straightforward question about whether he thinks we’ll be better off outside the EU, or not.

“Not like the straightforward question he was asked six times yesterday. More straightforward than that – so he can give the answer we all want to hear.”

A spokesperson for Jeremy Corbyn supporter group Momentum, told us, “The word of Jeremy will not be questioned. It will NOT.

“If Jeremy Corbyn chooses to answer a question about whether the UK will be better off outside the EU with a list of things his government would do, then that is the new gospel.

“Anyway, just because there is a video of him being present, doesn’t mean he was actually participating in the questioning.

“I must warn you, questioning him further will be considered heresy.”

Political analyst Giles Matthews told us, “There are people who said Jeremy Corbyn could never be a like a traditional politician, but here he is avoiding a straightforward yes or no question like a pro.”

Matthews was then briefly interrupted by a crowd of angry people jeering the word ‘heretic!’ at him, before continuing.

He concluded, “The irony is, avoiding the question like that is the most prime ministerial he’s looked in years.”