Is paying off hookers what you meant by ‘draining the swamp’? World asks Donald Trump

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Donald Trump has been asked to clarify the exact meaning of the expression ‘draining the swamp’ because some people are a little confused this morning.

After US no-mark, Michael Cohen, admitted to breaking election law at the behest of the ‘candidate’, it became abundantly obvious that he wasn’t referring to Hilary Clinton.

On the same day, Trump’s campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, was found similarly guilty of tax and bank fraud and faces the imminent prospect of being banged up like a slag for a ‘long stretch’.

However, some voters have been left confused given Trump’s promise to rid politics of corruption.

US voter, Chuck Williams, said, “It’s all right here in his manifesto: lower taxes for the rich, ban on brown people coming in, build the wall, drain the swamp.

“The bit about paying off tarts so they don’t blab to the press is probably hidden in the small print at the back somewhere.

“Perhaps the President was referring to an actual swamp rather than a metaphorical one, although there aren’t too many of those in Washington DC.”

Those who support Trump have insisted the latest convictions are merely further evidence of Donald Trump keeping his promises to the American voters.

Trump supporter, Dirk Weinbecker, added, “With two of his closest aides being found guilty of wrong-doing, the US President has successfully delivered on yet another election pledge, to rid Washington of the corruption of the political elite.

“He IS draining the swamp – it just happens to be of his own faeces.

“Fuck yeah!”

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