We’d donate money for a new Brexit vote too but we’re only on 28p per hour, say Superdry factory workers

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Superdry employees in India have expressed regret that they can’t match their co-founders one million pound donation towards a new Brexit vote, blaming an unfortunate lack of personal spare cash lying around.

Julian Dunkerton, one of the co-founders of Superdry used some of his personal fortune to publicly back the campaign for a people’s vote on the final Brexit deal over the weekend, donating one million pounds to the campaign.

At the end of his thirteen-hour shift, New Delhi factory worker Simon Singh-Williams told reporters, “Nothing is closer to my heart than giving the people over there in Great Britain the final say on their country’s withdrawal from the EU.

“Apart from the small matter of how I am supposed to feed and clothe my family on 28p per day, that is. But in many ways, that has been going on for so long now, we’ve just got used to eating plain rice every single day.

“I’d love to donate some money towards the campaign and help the Brits get the vote they deserve, honestly I would, but any spare cash I have is spent buying rags to make clothes for my children to wear and stitching them together.

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“Which I do when I get back from a hard day’s work stitching clothes together at the factory for middle-aged English men to wear.”

Wistfully, he added, “The Superdry hoodies I make look so lovely, warm and comfortable.

“It’s such a shame I’d have to save my entire wages for up six months to buy one.”