Letting people vote on a final Brexit deal is undemocratic, insists desperately confused Brexiter

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The idea that people should have a vote on the final terms of the Brexit negotiation is a huge affront to democracy, according to people unfamiliar with the meaning of the word.

With the idea of a People’s Vote gaining traction across the country, the prospect of another referendum on the terms of our exit from the EU is starting to look like a possibility, though admittedly a very remote one.

However many Brexit supporters have insisted that giving the people a vote on the terms of the deal would be a massive betrayal of those very same people.

“Letting the people decide the direction of the country is not a democracy,” insisted Brexiter Simon Williams.

“Democracy is about the people deciding the direction the country goes in, and when that direction has been decided, democracy dictates that you keep going – regardless of the obstacles or dangers in the road. And you never ask them for directions ever again.

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“Asking people if they’ve changed their mind is a massive betrayal of who they were when you asked them last time. People don’t change. Opinions don’t change. Circumstances don’t change – so why should a person’s vote? Everything stays the same, forever, which is why Robert Walpole is still prime minister and the Whigs retain their parliamentary majority.”

Remain supporters do have some sympathy for those opposed to a People’s vote, however, as one told us, “Look, I think leaving the EU is a mistake, and I think the facts back up that assertion. But, if the people still want to leave the EU when there is an actual Brexit deal on the table to evaluate, then so be it.

“I don’t know why Leave campaigners are so scared of another vote – if no-one has changed their mind about leaving the EU then it’s a foregone conclusion anyway, but if they have changed their mind, then surely it’s democratically right that we listen to them?

“Oh, it’s because they’d go back to being losers again, isn’t it?”

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