Man with smiling family profile photo saying some extraordinarily nasty things on Facebook

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An otherwise lovely-looking family man is calling complete strangers “cucks”, “fucktards” and “feminazis” on Facebook while also putting forward some straightforwardly racist and misogynistic viewpoints.

Simon Williams, 39, has an adorable profile photo of him and his wife, with his healthy looking children clambering on their backs and laughing with what appears to be a lovely home in the background.

“So it’s kind of weird that he’s just called me a ‘libtard fuckhead’ in a conversation about rights for immigrants,” said puzzled Facebook user, Hayley Rice.

“He looks so nice and content with his family in his Facebook picture, which somehow makes it look even more psychotic when he tells me I should probably just kill myself for having views that differ from his own.

“I wondered if maybe that photo was a one-off and maybe the others were of him battering his family while holding a whiskey bottle, but no, it’s all family trips to the seaside, anniversary dinners with his smiling wife and lunch with grandma.

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“Having said that, I guess people don’t tend to hold onto memories of domestic violence, so maybe I’m still right.”

Simon Williams commented, “I am just a normal, happy, family man.

“But I also think that gays are getting too many rights these days and that Muslims should be set on fire. Anybody who disagrees with that deserves to be called a retard and should kill themselves.

“Anyway, must dash, I’m taking my son on a wholesome fishing trip. Any vegans out there got a problem with that? Fucking fight me, you bunch of cucks.”