Study finds ‘quick drink with colleagues after work’ the worst possible way to start the weekend

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Beginning the weekend in the pub with the people with whom you’ve spent the entire working week is a joyless experience which no-one should be forced to endure, according to your colleagues today.

Across the country, Friday afternoon sees the traditional, “quick one after work?” question go around the office, with nobody willing to admit that a rush hour train holds significantly more allure than a couple of hours making small talk with the person who fate has decided should have the desk next to yours.

Office worker Simon Williams told us, “I get it, some people are lucky enough to work in an environment where the people they are forced to be with for forty hours a week aren’t all complete arseholes. But for most people, that is most definitely not the case.

“The only thing worse than a reluctant gathering of people who you wouldn’t be friends with unless you were literally being paid a salary for it, is when the boss insists you all go because it will be ‘good for team morale’.

Simon’s manager, Kevin, told us, “Yeah, I always insist that people come for a drink after work on Friday, it’s important to get that camaraderie going, you know? I read that in a management book.”

Simon’s colleague Steve told us, “Yeah, we all think Kevin is a twat. He insists we go to the pub with him, but he doesn’t pay us to be there and doesn’t even buy the sodding drinks.

“He thinks it’s fostering team spirit, but let me tell you, all he is actually fostering is a seething resentment that will likely explode in a flurry of violence at the Christmas party.”