Stan Lee denies that his latest creation, the Cosmic C*nt, is based on Tommy Robinson

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Stan Lee has furiously denied that his latest creation, the Cosmic Cunt, is based on hateful opportunist Tommy Robinson.

“The Cosmic Cunt isn’t based on one particular racist asshole; he’s a combination of all of them,” insisted the 95-year-old comic book legend.

“If Robinson wants to sue me, then I’ll see him in court. Although, given his recent track record, I’ll probably see him in court even if he doesn’t sue me.”

The Cosmic Cunt is the alter-ego of Tim Watt, a mild-mannered football hooligan who’s accidentally exposed to gammon-radiation.

Quicker than you can say “ban the burka”, he dons an EDL balaclava as a disguise before finding he is capable spouting superhuman levels of bullshit, is totally impervious to facts and, like most other comic book characters, thinks he’s above the law.

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Although critics have pointed out that the Cosmic Cunt is practically indistinguishable from an ordinary cunt, this hasn’t stopped him becoming a huge hit with readers.

“I’m not surprised he’s become so popular; all of Stan’s most successful characters are inspired by real-life events. The X-Men, for example, was clearly influenced by the civil rights movement in America,” explained comic book aficionado Nev Burke.

“In this instance, Stan’s muse was a riot at his local Wetherspoons.

“As for the allegation that the Cosmic Cunt is a thinly disguised Tommy Robinson, it’s total nonsense in my opinion.”

“If he’s based on anyone, it’s clearly Nigel Farage.

“It would certainly explain why his greatest foes are South Thanet By-election Man and The Amazing Nazi Puncher,” added Mr Burke.