Jeremy Hunt’s wife describes her husband as ‘competent politician’ in dreadful gaffe

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Jeremy Hunt’s wife has caused an embarrassing scene after referring to her husband as a ‘competent politician’ in front of their confused Chinese hosts.

Long-suffering Hunt-partner, Lucia Gao is accompanying her husband on his first official visit to China since he shafted the NHS into a cocked hat and bitched about the late Stephen Hawking on Twitter.

However, while making small-talk with Chinese PM, Xi Ping, she offended her hosts by providing them with a totally inaccurate description of the man she, for some inexplicable reason, loves.

Due to her Chinese becoming a bit rusty, Gao used the Mandarin phrase for “honourable political man with good people skills”, instead of “useless fucking cockwomble, apparently deaf to all reason, and clearly promoted way beyond his ability by a desperate prime minister in a last throw of the dice”.

Chinese PM, Xi Ping, said, “Mrs Gao simply mixed up the accusative tense with the dative, which results in a surprisingly large difference in the object you are describing – in this case, an incompetent bellend.

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“Don’t worry – we know all about Mr Hunt in China. Our pictogram for the former UK Health Secretary is actually the wanker sign but with two hands instead of one.”

Mrs Gao said, “Of course what I meant to say is that he’s a total dickhead who’s responsible for undermining the NHS to such an extent that it will takes years to recover.”

She added, “Actually he’s only half-dickhead on his Dad’s side of the family.

“The rest of him is pure twat.”

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