We won and you need to get over it, Vote Leave tells Electoral Commission

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Officials behind the Vote Leave campaign have told the Electoral Commission that they won, and it’s about time the Electoral Commission got over it.

As the Electoral Commission referred the case the police and fined Vote Leave £61,000 for breaking electoral law, those within the Leave campaign said it sounded an awful lot like the bleatings of a bunch of sore losers.

Leave campaign spokesperson Simon Williams told reporters, “Do you think we’d be sat here with a police investigation and a sixty-grand fine if we’d lost the referendum? Of course we wouldn’t.

“They only care about the fact that we won, and they lost. But it’s about time they got over it. This takes sore losing to a whole new level. Involving the police? Really?

“What you all need to realise is that the people have spoken, and thankfully they’ve spoken the words we were able to get into their heads using illegal means and illegal funding.

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Despite the findings, Brexiters have rejected calls for a new referendum. Brexit voter David Matthews said calls for a second referendum were pointless, because even if Vote Leave did break the law, it did not affect him whatsoever.

He told us, “Admitting that my vote was influenced by illegal tactics and spending would be an admission that I am capable of being manipulated – and that’s simply not possible.

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