‘It’s just you and me again, Bunty’ Theresa May tells beloved childhood teddy bear and new Foreign Secretary

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Theresa May cut a tragic figure earlier as she was seen in the Number 10 gardens tearfully clutching Bunty, her much loved childhood teddy bear and recently appointed Foreign Secretary, and softly whispering – ‘it’s just you and me again’.

“I’m not surprised to see Bunty make an appearance now,” said a lifelong acquaintance of the Prime Minister.

“He’s been Theresa’s rock for all her life.

“Certainly, at school, she was only ever really close with Bunty the bear.”

It is understood that Bunty was her only support during the traumatic period that followed her controversial decision to run through a cornfield which, as is well documented, may or may not have been noticed by the farmer.

“I think that, really, now she’s been let down by all her political allies, she feels she can rely on Bunty not to look at porn on the work computer or make racist comments on foreign trips or jump ship at the first sign of trouble,” said the acquaintance.

“We understand that Bunty is of the opinion that ‘Brexit means Brexit’, and obviously that’s a view that Theresa wholeheartedly agrees with.”

The Prime Minister had caused a stir by appointing a children’s teddy bear to a major ministerial position, but insiders believe that it could actually approach the post with considerably more intellectual rigour than the previous incumbent.

However, regardless of the comparative competence of Bunty, it is a sad and solitary Prime Minister who finds herself with a childhood teddy as her sole cabinet support.