Maverick sound engineer disciplined for using sound check to count up to three

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A sound engineer is today facing disciplinary proceedings from his employer following an outrageous exhibition of showboating.

Simon Williams, who has been working in sound production for audio firm Chekk-Wan-Too Ltd for five years, was given a written warning from his boss after reportedly showing off whilst undertaking his duties before a gig in Reading yesterday.

An anonymous eyewitness described the scene, saying, “My mates and I had got there early to grab a drink before the gig started to avoid the queues at the bar, so were able to watch the sound guys setting up and checking levels for the band.

“It’s all going smoothly, the guitar technician does his thing, and then suddenly this bloke walks on to the stage like he owns it or something, grabs a mic and says, bold as brass, ‘Check one, two… One two… One, two, THREE’ and the whole room just fell silent and looked at him.

“I know every workplace has a maverick who wants to show off occasionally, but I still couldn’t believe my ears, to be honest.”

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Simon’s boss, Christopher James, told us, “Simon is normally such a great, dependable guy, so I don’t know where this has suddenly come from.

“I had to discipline him, clearly. You can’t try and steal the limelight from the band and hope to get away with it.

“He’ll now be coiling cables for the next six months to give him time to think about his future.”

According to reports, the band were pretty good despite the incident.