In the SAS we only followed the orders that we agreed with, confirms David Davis

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David Davis has resigned from his government role leading the Brexit negotiations, explaining that if his military background taught him anything, it’s that you don’t follow the orders you don’t like.

Davis has resigned last night after he was told by his boss to adopt the new agreed upon negotiating position put forward by the government following a weekend of negotiations at Chequers.

Insiders from the Chequers showdown said that Davis insistence that a more robust negotiating position was needed resulted in him just repeating the phrase, “they need us more than we need them”.

They went on, “It left many of us wondering that if this is his negotiating style, no wonder it’s all going to shit whenever he’s left in Brussels to get on with things.

“He’s not the most persuasive man in the room, if I’m honest.”

Davis himself has thanked Theresa May for the opportunity she had given him, but made it clear he could no longer in good conscience continue in his role.

His resignation letter explained, “If my training in the elite special forces of this nation has taught me anything, it’s that when your commanding officer gives you an unpleasant order on the battlefield, that’s when you put down your weapon and go home.

“If people just blindly followed the orders of their superiors when faced with a powerful enemy, this country’s military would simply collapse.

“It is my duty, and the duty of every soldier given an order they didn’t like, to down tools and walk away from the front, safe in the knowledge they won’t have this particular defeat on their CV.”

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