Neymar falls over again after toddler sneezes three feet away

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Notoriously tumble-prone Brazil star Neymar has fallen over three times today already, according to reports.

The footballer, who sprawls headlong at the slightest contact, is understood to have  ‘gone flying’ across the hotel restaurant at breakfast when a waiters sleeve caught his arm.

Prompt attention by team paramedics had the star back on his feet again just in time for him to clip a suitcase in the lobby – which sent him sprawling and clutching his leg whilst looking hopefully at a passing man wearing a black suit.

Witnesses report that Neymar’s injury appeared to vanish as quickly as it appeared after it became clear the suitcase wasn’t about to get a yellow card.

Finally, a toddler sneezing three feet away during a team visit to the zoo left the Brazilian forward face-down and crying with pain until he discovered the penguins were not going to award him a penalty.

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Despite accusatory looks towards the toddler, no apology was forthcoming as it continued to play with his toys, much to Neymar gesturing disgust.

”Neymar has a condition called ‘unrelated ankle pain’ which makes him fall over at the slightest thing”, said team coach Simeon Williamsio.

“The slightest jostle of the shoulder can have him rolling on the ground whilst holding his lower leg and bawling.”

”Even no contact at all can do it – at dinner last night his girlfriend stole one of the chips off his plate, and he immediately toppled off his chair and called for her to be sent off.”