Older woman responds to science with ‘Oh, for goodness’ sake!’ followed by some nonsense

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An older lady reckons the peer-reviewed study she’s just heard about is rubbish and she definitely knows better.

Jane Withers, a 67-year-old former shop assistant who failed science at every level of her education, was responding to a study that suggested smacking children actually did more harm than good to their long-term development.

“Oh, for goodness’ sake!” typed Jane, furiously.

“I was routinely hit with a belt as a child and it never did me any harm.

“Granted, my approach to problem-solving has been limited throughout my life due to the prehistoric example I was given by my parents, which has, in turn, kept me on a low wage forever, but that’s not what ‘harm’ means. I didn’t bleed to death or anything.

“Science reckons it knows everything there is to know, but it clearly doesn’t.”

Scientist, Jay Cooper, said, “Science does set out to know everything there is to know. That’s exactly what science does.

“We’re also continuing in the pursuit of what there isn’t to know at the moment. It’s bloody knackering.

“It’s good to hear that our work and research is being met by such open minds though.”

Jane countered, “Whatever, you speccy twat.”