Black giraffe was ‘acting suspiciously’, claims Breitbart

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As a female trophy hunter drew the ire of the Internet by shooting a rare black giraffe and boasting about it on social media, right-wing news website leapt to her defence and insisted that the victim was being aggressive and left the woman with no choice but to shoot.

The website’s front page claimed that sources on the Serengeti reported the giraffe had previous involvement with the deadly gang-related feud between herbivores and carnivores.

It also stated that the creature had been sighted that day taking acacia leaves without permission from the park rangers.

Breitbart columnist Jayce Morgan also used his popular Youtube channel, TriggerTheCucks, to claim the giraffe was complicit in its own death.

He told his viewers, “Of course the SJWs and the liberal media will say it was an unjustified shooting. They are safe at home, but on the savanna hindsight is a luxury.

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“Tess had to make a split second decision to save her life. The giraffe weighs nearly a ton and is three-times her height. Why didn’t he comply with her perfectly reasonable demand to place his head on her living room wall?

“And now the wildlife baiting industry is going to come in and claim prejudice. Anything to avoid taking responsibility for their actions.

“Maybe the safe-space socialists should ask why black giraffes are 100% more likely to die violently than go to college?

“Or maybe they could go and speak to a lioness whose ribs have been kicked in by the so-called gentle giants.”