Loathsome EU bastards insist on giving British holidaymakers even more protection

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Meddling eurocrats are seeking to ensure British consumers are protected when they book package holidays in the latest display of their frightening power.

The EU has enforced new laws which mean holidaymakers who book hotels and flights from different firms but via a single travel intermediary will now get the same protection as those buying traditional package holidays – the sods.

Every year thousands of Britons enjoy the thrill of the chase in attempts to get back money which was taken from them when their holidays turn out shit, a fact which faceless EU officials have determined to be ‘irrelevant’.

However, thanks to a devious plot hatched by Brussels, Brits who want to waste thousands of pounds on disappointing holidays will now face masses of dirty, foreign red tape.

Leading Brexiters have insisted the new laws will make be extremely had on British holiday firms, who will now be required to give consumers precisely what they paid for – or offer refunds.

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Vote Leave spokesman, Simon Williams, said, “This insane new EU law means a Romanian, a Latvian or a Greek can come over here on holiday and easily get their money back if the British firm that sold them that holiday turns out to be nothing like advertised. This is why the EU is so out of touch.”

He added, “I get that in the continent they enjoy arses wiped for them, but here in Britain, with our stiff upper lip and strong constitutions, we used to being ripped off and getting on with our day.

“What’s good for Jacques and Pedro is, unfortunately, a nightmare for Nigel and Colin.”

However, upon seeing how the new law was universally welcomed by British consumers booking holidays in the EU, the government has decided to simply pretend it was their idea all along.

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