Woman’s initial attraction to man in bar withers and dies during first conversation

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A woman’s attraction to a man has died after talking to him for five minutes.

Elizabeth King, 28, spied Jay Cooper, 30, from across the bar of The Lamb and Bastard pub last night and was halfway through imagining what their children would look like before he engaged her in conversation and ruined the dream.

“Jay was tall, well-built and had a handsome face,” said Miss King.

“I was immediately attracted to him at that point. However, he then came over and we got to talking, whereby I learned that he’s into trains, is really into 80s hair rock, and thinks Hitler ‘actually had one or two good points when you really think about it’.

“Plus he kept saying ‘if you know what I mean’ after sentences, which I don’t think had any obvious innuendo to them.

“I could have maybe tolerated the Hitler thing, but the innuendo thing was the final nail in the coffin. It’s a shame.”

Cooper said, “She was keen but then lost interest, if you know what I mean!

“Must be a lesbian.”