Arm journalists, insists Donald Trump

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In the wake of yet another mass shooting in the US, the President has suggested that members of the press be routinely armed in an effort to save lives.

In a late night tweet, Donald Trump blamed Democrats and the media for the latest bloodbath.

“Dems and MSM trying to blame the guns they refuse to buy. Low IQ people need to understand that guns SAVE LIVES!”

The tweet was later deleted and replaced with one stating the Maryland victims were in the President’s thoughts and prayers.

Simon Williams, spokesperson for the National Rifle Association, said his organization supported Donald Trump’s suggestion.

He told reporters, “Once again, this president is telling it as it is.

“Liberals always want the government to protect them, but we need to take responsibility for our safety. What if some reporters go to a political rally and some populist loudmouth singles them out to the mob?

“What if someone, whose massive social media following consists mainly of paranoid racists who believe every conspiracy that floats on the Internet, singles the media out and paints them as the enemy of the people?

“That’s when you want a gun to be able to counter the one we made sure the other guys can have access to.”

“You want to make your newsroom safe? Give an AR-15 to every journalist whose social media profile is bombarded by death threats. What could possibly go wrong?”

Although hotly debated in the US, the question of allowing citizens access to high-tech weaponry to ensure their own defence has never gained traction in the UK.

When asked, the press office for the Metropolitan Police stated the idea was “fucking idiotic.”