Melania removes ‘I really don’t care’ jacket to reveal ‘f*ck your kids’ on blouse

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Melania Trump’s sartorial choices have continued to spark controversy.

Having worn a snazzy jacket that said “I really don’t care, do u?” on the back while visiting detained immigrant families, the first lady removed the ill-chosen jacket to reveal a long sleeve told that bore the words “fuck your kids”.

“Oh goody,” sighed White House Public Relations manager, Simon Williams.

“And look, there she goes to try and hug some immigrant children while wearing it. Those photographers are having the time of their lives. No wonder they keep sending us fruit baskets.

“Aaaaaand the children are crying and Melania has walked off. Terrific. Just terrific.

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“I’m trying to put a positive spin on all of this, but at this point, the whole job feels a bit Joseph Goebbels.

“I understand she’s already got a jacket lined up for the November elections which reads ‘shove your votes up your arse’.

“I mean these are her outer clothes; god knows what it says on her underpants, probably something about how we need another Holocaust.”

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