If Airbus leaves the UK we’ll just go back to making Spitfires, insists Brexiter

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A threat to move operations from the UK to inside the EU by aerospace company Airbus has been welcomed as an opportunity to get back to the golden years of great British plane manufacturing.

As Airbus executives explained that the risk of a no-deal Brexit means they have no choice but to consider moving 14,000 British jobs to inside the EU, threatening a further 100,000 jobs in 4,000 companies in their UK supply chain; though Brexit supporters have shrugged their shoulders and said ‘so what’.

Brexit supporter Simon Williams told us, “We won, and Airbus needs to get over it and accept that the will of the people is that they stay here making planes in Britain.

“And if they still want to leave? Who cares. They make European planes, and all the best bits were made in the UK anyway. Let’s just get back to making entire planes in the UK. When we did, they were the best in the world. Bloody marvellous things.

“We just need a bit of the Blitz spirit, and a few thousand spitfires rolling off the production line is all we need to make Brexit a massive success.

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“I don’t care if entire industries leave our shores because of Brexit, because at least I will have won. Precisely what I’ve won is currently unclear, but it’s still a brilliant victory.

“Shut up, yes it is.”

Economists have reacted with surprise at Brexiter responses to the Airbus announcement.

As one explained, “Oh, they want to go back to making spitfires? Well, that’s good, because they’ll probably be less likely to complain when we have to reintroduce rationing and they’re being encouraged to grow their dinners in the back garden.”

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