Football fans warned not to shout ‘Shoot!’ during USA 2026 World Cup games

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Early warnings have been issued for fans to modify their language in advance of the 2026 World Cup because it will partially take place in a country where gun laws seem to actively encourage people to shoot each other.

Simon Williams of the Football Supporters Federation said, “Just a few weeks ago I was at a match where someone shouted ‘For god’s sake pull the trigger!’ when a striker hesitated on the edge of the box.

“Uttering such phrases in the USA is likely to have fatal consequences.

“It could incite a bad guy with a gun to start shooting; it could make a good guy with a gun think there’s a bad guy with a gun and start shooting; it could make a bad guy with a gun think there’s a good guy with a gun shooting at a bad guy with a gun and start shooting…

“It’s probably best to just enjoy the game in complete silence.”

The NRA agree that security could be an issue. A spokesman told us, “The trouble with these big international tournaments is that many foreigners don’t come packing.

“Every man, woman and child needs to be issued with a gun when they arrive at a stadium. That way, if a crazy guy starts a-shooting we’ll be guaranteed to get the son of a bitch with no collateral damage.”

However, a US police chief in one of the host cities has played down fears. He said, “Security at games will be so tight that it will actually be the safest place you could go.

“Just stay away from schools, parks, movie theatres and other dangerous public places and you’ll be fine.

“Alternatively, just to go matches in Canada where they actually have gun control.”