Apple fan excited at possibility of 32-person FaceTime calls despite only having six friends

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Apple fan Simon Williams has lauded Apple’s ingenuity in enabling 32-person FaceTime video calls, despite only knowing six people well enough to call them on the phone.

As the Worldwide Developer Conference at their Californian HQ revealed exciting new features to the Apple ecosystem unthinkable just months ago – such as animated emojis that look a bit like you and an option to have a darker screen – Apple superfan Simon Williams has spoken of his delight that his favourite brand remains so innovative.

He told us, “I’ll be honest, if you’d asked me yesterday if I wanted to be able to call 32 people simultaneously, I would have told you that I could not see a single possible scenario in which that would be necessary. I would have called it a ridiculously unnecessary piece of functionality.

“But now that Apple has announced you can do it on their phones, I don’t see how I could possibly live without it.

“That’s the beauty of Apple right there, they take things you thought you didn’t need and convince you they are not only essential – but also life-changing.”

Other owners of iPhones have said that calling their parents via FaceTime is painfully difficult enough, without having the added complication of a third face and voice to contend with.

However, Williams remained adamant that 32-person phone calls will soon be all the rage for all iPhone users.

He concluded, “I would be happy to try a six-person FaceTime call for you right now, but four of my friends use Android.”