Please don’t make us sit with mummy on flights, beg Kirstie Allsopp’s children

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Kirstie Allsopp’s offspring have confirmed that sitting in a different part of the plane from their mother during a flight is one of the highlights of their family holiday, and please can it be left that way.

The television presenter is facing criticism after admitting over the weekend that she and her partner often fly in first class whilst forcing their children to sit in the economy section with all the plebs.

The reaction to the news has been one of shock, but the Location Location Location presenter’s children have been quick to try to stifle any public outcry.

“Honestly, we are absolutely fine with it,” one of her boys told us this morning.

“It’s totally awesome to sit in a different part of the plane from mummy and daddy. They normally give us a credit card we can use to buy as many snacks as we like during the flight, we can swear without having to worry about being told off and we can pretty much do what we like.”

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He added, “And have you seen what’s on offer on the in-flight entertainment? On our last flight, I managed to get through most of a season of Game Of Thrones. I’ve never seen so many boobs in one day.

“And it’s actually one of the highlights of the holiday to get a bit of a break from mummy’s constant nagging.

“Please don’t make them change how we fly. Please.”

First-class air stewardess Eleanor Gay responded, “I think it’s up to them as a family to decide how they fly.

“But if Kirstie makes one more comment about the decor of the first-class section I’m going to completely lose it.”