I never said it would be beneficial to leave the EU explains man who spent 15 years saying we’d be better off outside EU

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Nigel Farage has leapt to his own defence by explaining that a career spent telling people the nation would be better off outside the EU in no way implies that leaving the EU will be beneficial to the nation.

As the staunchest of Brexit supporters begin contorting their position from ‘everything will be brilliant’ to ‘a bit of pain is worth it’, those with a dozen years of TV appearances loudly advocating the benefits of being outside the EU are finding the manoeuvre slightly more difficult than the others.

“Look, I never said being outside the EU would be better than being inside it, just that the inevitable shit-show that Brexit creates would be 100% under our control in future,” explained Nigel Farage to a series of wide-eyed and blinking journalists.

“You in the fake news media are trying to paint me as someone who consistently said that being outside the EU would be beneficial to the country, but that is 100% untrue.

“I don’t care how many tweets, video clips, Question Time appearances you throw at me in which I’m saying that leaving the EU will be beneficial to the country, what I meant was it’s always beneficial to be in control of your own demise.

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“Better to be the captain steering directly into the iceberg than the passenger being driven into it against his will.”

Those who are less than enthusiastic about Brexit have explained that the current contortions are nothing more than phase two of the Brexit-campaigners playbook.

Simon Williams told us, “I get it, we voted Leave, and we’re leaving, but if you think it’s disingenuous of Farage to deny he said it would be beneficial, you just wait until the next phase. That’s when things are going really badly, and he explains that things are only this awful because the government handled Brexit so terribly.

“There are no circumstances, none whatsoever, in which he or his ilk will admit that Brexit might have been a mistake.

“You’ll be cooking rats over a burning oil drum long before that happens.”

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