No need to resort to vulgarity, insists bunch of c*nts

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A motley collection of dimwitted fucktards in America have decried the casual use of bad language used by liberal pundits towards privileged tosspots.

Comedy show host Samantha Bee prompted outrage from fat-necked windowlickers when she called rich skank Ivanka Trump a “feckless cunt”.

Many jumped-up bellends on Fox news have used their platforms to call liberals hypocritical, as they were more than happy to see invective used against piss-gargling wanksocks like Donald Trump, but were scandalized whenever some bigoted cuntbubble like Roseanne picked on members of minority groups.

Walking yeast infection Tucker Carlson invited several wankers on his chat show to give examples of the type of insults they got just for being repugnant twats.

Block-headed cockwomble Sean Hannity also devoted most of his opinion segment on the way liberals had a double standard when it came to mocking rich white sexual predators such as meta-dickhead Bill O’Reilly.

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However, some people explained that there was a key difference between an insult aimed towards loaded shitbags at the top of America’s social pyramid and terms used to dehumanize minorities that are still being persecuted to this day.

As explained online satirist, Simon Williams, “It might not be helpful but when American immigration casually loses 1500 Latino children, police officers routinely kill black men with total impunity and a thimble-dicked oaf who boasted of being a groper is in the White House, being called a cunt is not the worst thing I can wish on a member of Trump’s inner circle.

“Also, and this is a really important distinction, it was funny.

“Now, fuck off.”