Lidl to introduce seating for customers queuing at tills

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Lidl will be installing a line of seats at each checkout till to improve their customers’ shopping experience, it has been announced.

The budget supermarket, famous for selling both essential and extremely non-essential goods at a great price, have faced continual criticism for the length of the queues at their checkouts, prompting them to solve the issue once and for all.

Lidl spokesperson Christopher James told us, “We take the opinions and feedback of our customers very seriously, and it is time we dealt with the issue of our long queues.

“We are aware that some customers are finding themselves spending up to an hour waiting to be served by one of the two members of staff we have manning our eight tills. In fact, nearly forty percent of our customers give up and dump whatever they were going to buy on the nearest shelf before storming out, which we can’t blame them for.”

He went on to outline, “Rather than hire more staff to man the checkouts, we believe the shopping experience for our customers will be enhanced massively with the provision of seating near the checkouts. The chairs will be from our value garden range, affording them the height of luxury as they wait.

“And they can even enjoy a lovely natter to the people either side of them whilst their shopping moves at a glacial pace along the conveyor belt beside them.”

Lidl shopper Simon Williams responded, “Whatever, I’ll just keep nicking stuff. That’ll free up some seating for those who want to pay.”