Germany’s escaped tigers could be anywhere thanks to the EU’s freedom of movement, insists Nigel Farage

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A pair of Tigers and a jaguar who escaped in Germany could already be at the UK’s border waiting to capitalise on our soft-touch benefits system thanks to freedom of movement, according to former UKIP leader Nigel Farage.

Two lions, two tigers and a jaguar have escaped from a zoo in Lünebach in western Germany, and meddling Eurocrats could have allowed them to get anywhere by now, the outraged mouthpiece insisted.

“I’ve already seen plenty of evidence to suggest these animals are heading for our shores, and why wouldn’t they? We’re such a soft touch.

“No doubt they will come here to sit around claiming benefits while also being up at the crack of dawn to steal jobs from the nation’s indigenous zoo animals.

“This is why we need to leave the EU today, not next year, not in 2020, TODAY. Because of man-eating LIONS!”

Zoologists have explained that the chances of the big cats being anywhere more than a few miles from the zoo are extremely slim, and that Farage’s scaremongering is complete nonsense.

Simon Williams went on, “His claims have absolutely no basis in reality and fraudulently misrepresent these animals and what they’re actually trying to do – which is to simply put food on the table for their families.

“Of course, him telling such lies won’t stop 52% of the population believing every word he says.”

Meanwhile, self-styled freedom fighter Katie Hopkins has been encouraged to look into the threat posed by Europe’s big cats by taking her new ‘investigative journalist’ powers with her into the nearest tiger enclosure.