Massive arse meets massive arse

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The meeting between Kim Kardashian and Donald Trump yesterday has been described as a ‘true meeting of arses’ by White House insiders.

Kim, who achieved fame for showing people her backside, and the President, who achieved fame by grabbing other people’s, spent an hour chatting about prison reform and no we aren’t making this up.

“When the President said he was going to meet Kim, we thought the North Korean summit was back on,” sources close to him told us.

“So when a woman whose primary claim to fame is that there are uncontacted tribes in the Amazon who have still seen her bumhole showed up we were mildly surprised – although after the last couple of years we weren’t that surprised or for very long, truth be told.”

As part of his commitment to a gruelling round of policy meetings, Trump has also arranged face-to-face time with Rosario Dawson to discuss the opioid crisis and Jessica Rabbit to talk through India/Pakistan border relations.