Bad news for Iron Maiden fans as Donald Trump puts tariffs on foreign metal

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It will cost up to 40% more to listen to Iron Maiden in the USA, thanks to Donald Trump’s new metal import tariffs.

Following confirmation that President Trump will put a premium on all metal (industrial and heavy), the band’s fans were distraught to hear that the tariff would the band they love.

“Fucking ridiculous,” grumbled Jay Cooper, giving over his credit card details before Spotify would let him access The Number of the Beast.

“Most people laugh at me for listening to Iron Maiden for free, they’re going to laugh even harder now I have to pay-per-listen.

“The best things in life are supposed to be free, so why am I being charged to mosh to the greatest band of all time?”

Whitehouse spokesperson, Simon Williams, said, “the best band of all time would be The Pretenders, but I’ll let that slide.

“Anyway, it’s high time there was a tax on foreign metal. For far too long, bands like Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath and Judas Priest have been ousting out good-quality American metal bands like Limp Bizkit.”

Jay Cooper sighed, “You could have at least picked Metallica…”