ABC to replace Roseanne with Cosby Show reboot

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In an attempt to mitigate the damage from the Roseanne Barr racism scandal, the American Broadcasting Network has announced that they will be replacing her cancelled sitcom with a sequel to the Cosby show.

Executive Producer Simon Williams announced the new flagship series during an informal chat with TMZ reporters.

“Roseanne completely blindsided us with that horrific tweet. There was no way we could predict she would do that except by reading the past five years of her twitter feed, but who has the time for that?

“So, in an effort to show how much diversity means to our network, we are bringing back America’s favourite black family, the Huxtables.

“Who doesn’t want to see Cliff back to his old tricks? Making whacky noises while mixing a drink or bothering his wife?

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“What shenanigans will he get up to now he’s retired as an obstetrician? How will he fill up his days now he’s not staring at a vulnerable half-naked woman in a specialized chair designed to spread her legs?”

Mr Williams admitted that nostalgia was a driving factor behind the networks upcoming season but explained that the new Cosby show would be updated.

“We will make sure the show remains contemporary. We plan to bring other comics like Louis CK to keep the show edgy. Also, there will be cameos from successful artist like Kanye West or we’ll bring in some Hollywood glamour with megastars like Johnny Depp.

“And we will have a social dimension. We will end every show with some health advice for young women from health guru Gwyneth Paltrow.

“There’s no way that could backfire.”

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