Russian journalist who faked his own assassination returns home to be murdered by wife

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Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko has been found dead in his flat shortly after announcing to the world that his original assassination was actually staged.

However, his furious wife is believed to be the lead suspect this time, rather than the Russian Government and clandestine agents of the President, Vladimir Putin.

The journalist and vehement critic of Vladimir Putin was believed to have been dead for several days before appearing at a press conference alongside Ukrainian Officials.

During the conference, he told reporters, “I want to apologise to my wife for the hell that she has been put through. I’m sorry, but there really was no other way of doing it.”

His wife, who later spoke to the same reporters, said, “Oh, no other way was there? Is that what you’re telling me? Literally no other way than making me think I’d become a widow in full glare of the world’s press?

“If he thinks I went through hell, he’ll wish he went there when I’m done with him.”

Ironically, Mr Babchenko was found lying in the exact same position he was a few days prior when his wife first found him. But this time the bullets are believed to definitely be real.

Russian officials issued a follow-up statement saying “Even though we totally weren’t responsible for the first attempt on Mr Babchenko’s life, we can confirm we definitely had nothing to do with the second one.

“That was all her. The state they found his body in… even we wouldn’t be so cruel.”