UK Brexit proposals nominated for Hugo Award in Fantasy category

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Hopes are high for some good news inside the government as the Brexit proposals to the EU were nominated as the best Young Adult Fantasy for the prestigious Hugo Award.

The Brexiteer Chronicles, a long saga focusing on a group of unlikely rebels fighting an evil entity hell bent on conquest, has captured the imagination of many devotees of the genre.

Nigel F, an avid reader of the series from its early days and keen Brexit fanfiction author, hoped that a victory would reward the loyalty of the fans, affectionally known as ‘Gammons’.

He told us, “It’s just such a feel-good story. How can you not love these Picaresque characters on their quest to escape the sinister Eiyu?

“The gaunt aloof aristocrat, the disgraced doctor on a mission to redeem himself, the fanatic who never backs down in the face of the experts and everybody’s favourite, the blonde mop-headed comic relief character who always finds himself in situations he can’t handle.”

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However, literary expert Michel Barnier explained that, although popular, the series was not without flaws.

He explained, “It’s extremely formulaic. All the characters are born to leadership but never actually have to prove their worth.

“Then there’s the lack of logical denouement. Although we love the Brexiteers, it doesn’t really make sense that the evil and powerful Eiyu will suddenly cave in and give them all the cake simply because they got Corbyn the crazy hermit as their secret ally.

“And there’s also diversity and representation issues. It’s 2018. Hoping that an obvious last-minute write-in character like Theresa will balance things out is not good enough.

“Frankly she’s just not credible as a human being.”

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