Thousands of ‘Unai Emery out’ signs currently being manufactured in Arsenal area

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Sign manufacturers in North London are currently working hard to make sure they have enough ‘Unai Emery out’ signs ready for the new manager’s first game in charge at Arsenal.

The ex-manager of PSG is expected to take charge at the club any day now, so demand for ‘Unai Emery out’ signs is likely to be high.

“It’s going to be something of a rude awakening for Arsenal fans,” said pundit Simon Williams.

“For years now, they’ve been able to reuse their ‘Wenger out’ signs every season, now its all change in North London, so they’re going to have to go out and buy some brand new ‘Unai Emery out’ signs.

“This is what it’s always been like for other clubs, changing manager from one season to the next meaning they need to buy another ‘manager out’ sign.

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The Arsenal fans really don’t realise how lucky they’ve been to have only bought one sign that lasted for so many years.

Sign manufacturers in North London are determined to seize the new opportunity.

“Yeah, we’re really working hard,” said Eleanor Gay, who runs Islington’s ‘Sign O the Times’.

“I mean, more than anyone, Arsenal fans like to hold up stupid signs about their manager, so this is a big deal for us.”

It is expected that, following the first game of the season, sign manufacturers will switch to ‘Arteta out’ signs to be ready for Christmas and then to ‘Mourinho out’ signs to be ready for the start of the following season.