£900 per year cut in household income ‘a great start’ claim leading Brexiters

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Leading Brexiters are today celebrating following the Governor of the Bank of England’s announcement that every household in the UK has seen a reduction of £900 per year in their income from where it should be, hailing it as “a great start” but agreeing more needs to be done.

Speaking today, chair of the influential Tory backbench group, the ERG, Jacob Rees-Mogg said, “As you can imagine we are all absolutely delighted at the news.

“The fall in household income is a ringing endorsement of the path we are determined to take, and underlines our position that in penury comes independence.

“Following years of austerity inflicted on the poorest in this country, people were rightly dismissive of our claims that it would soon be over.

“We obviously needed to speed up the process – however, the risk of rising living standards was only going to serve to prolong our process of grinding them into the dirt.

“Mark Carney’s announcement shows the vote to leave the European Union and its rising wealth was the correct one for this nation to take. £900 per year is a pitifully small amount, especially for someone like me.

“It is, however, a great start, but more work still does need to be done.

“My colleagues and I will continue to push for the nation to crash out of the EU with no deal, knowing that in one fell swoop the £900 figure will be reduced to a mere footnote, compared to the devastation that will be wrought as a result.

“Trust us, it’s coming.”