Man decides to keep box of cables he’s had since 2002 for another year

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A man has looked at the box of cables he’s had for more than fifteen years and decided to hang on to them.

The cables, which have lived under his desk since he put them there in 2002, might come in handy someday so there’s no point using the space for something else.

Also in the box are a selection of storage media including a zip drive, several CDs and a bag full of floppy discs – and you never know when you might need them.

“The thing about IT is that any component might go wrong, so this SCART connector from my old monitor could theoretically save my bacon one day,” he told us.

“Assuming I ever own another CRT monitor, that is.

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“This phone charger for a Nokia 3310 might come in handy one day in the event of an apocalypse where I need a phone that has survived whatever disaster has befallen mankind.

“The phone itself? No, I don’t actually know where it is, but wherever that might be, I guarantee it’s still in good working order.”

His wife told us, “He doesn’t like the term ‘hoarder’, even though it perfectly describes him. I just want him to make a dent in the crap he insists on keeping, that’s all.”

Casting around for something to throw away so he could legitimately claim to have tidied up, he hit upon an old copy of Mechcommander Gold.

“I’ll just install this for one last playthrough, and then I’ll absolutely, definitely get rid of it”, he told us.