Sid James delighted to hear Prince Charles is taking Meghan Markle right up the aisle

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Kensington Palace has announced that Prince Charles will be taking Meghan Markle right up the aisle tomorrow, much to the amusement of Sid James.

The heir to the throne said that he was delighted to do so, amid stifled giggles from Mr James.

“It will be a privilege and an honour to take the lovely Meghan up the aisle tomorrow morning,” The Prince said, beaming with anticipation, seemingly unaware of the guffawing actor stood behind him.

“I am looking forward to it enormously and I hope that she will find it as enjoyable as I’m sure I will,” he added, a Mr James was bent double with laughter.

Surprisingly, the Prince made reference to Ms Markle’s previous marriage.

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“I am aware that Meghan has been taken up the aisle before, but I think that she will find being taken up the aisle in Britain a very different experience to being taken up the aisle in the US.

“We do this sort of thing with a little more dignity and style,” he said, before Mr James added with a chuckle, “Not how I do it!”

Charmingly, the Prince spoke of his nerves about the occasion.

He went on“I must confess that I am a little nervous about taking her up the aisle in front of quite so many people, but I have every confidence that everything will go off splendidly for both of us, and that those watching will enjoy the experience as much as we will.

“Too right we will,” smirked James before slapping the Prince’s arse.

It is expected that after Prince Charles has taken Meghan up the aisle, they will both have a shower and a cigarette and then he will lead her into church.

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