Israel accuses Palestinian protesters of running in front of their bullets just to make them look bad

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Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has told the international community that Palestinian protesters deliberately ran in front of bullets fired by Israel during yesterday’s border protests in order to make them look bad.

With 58 dead, and over a thousand more injured, Israel has come in for criticism amongst the international community for its disproportionate response to protesters it hugely outmatches in terms of military capability.

However, Netanyahu has defended his armed forces and their tactics, accusing Palestinians of working together to jump in front of any random sniper’s bullets that happened to be in their vicinity.

Netanyahu told reporters, “These people could have avoided the thousands of high-velocity bullets sent in their general direction if they had wanted to.

“But no, their primary goal was to make Israel look like a bully on the international stage, so they took every opportunity they could to throw themselves in front of bullets that would have otherwise fallen harmlessly into the ground.

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“And those dead children were probably thrown in front of bullets by their parents.

“No, of course I’m not going to express any sympathy for dead Palestinian children, why would I?”

Meanwhile, Internet simpletons have sought to blame the death of children caused by a highly-complex geo-political issue going back decades to ‘bad parenting’.

Facebook user Simon Williams told us, “I blame the parents, definitely. There wouldn’t be any dead children if those Palestinian parents hadn’t let their children wander within range of a massive and highly trained army with well-armed snipers stationed every few metres.

“It’s the Israeli soldiers I feel sorry, I bet their trigger fingers are red raw.”