Brexiteer and Corbynite fall in love thanks to shared hatred of being mocked online

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Two members of Britain’s most vociferous political tribes are set to be joined in wedlock after Simon Williams, an ardent Leaver and retired postman from Eastbourne, proposed to Amanda Tinnock, a member of Momentum and former yoga instructor from Brighton.

The happy couple credit their union to their joint inability to let anybody poke fun at their political beliefs.

Speaking to journalists, Mr Williams explained that it was pure chance he met his current paramour.

“Like any normal day, I went onto the Facebook feed of these so-called humourists so I can copy paste angry clichés about respecting the will of the people in the comment sections of articles I don’t actually read.

“I then got the usual barrage of abuse, mockery and links to the definition of satire. But, out of the blue, someone liked my post. Turns out I had accidentally commented on a piece mocking Corbyn for looking like a vegan Father Jack.”

Ms Tinnock continued the story.

“I didn’t know he was a Brexiteer. I just thought that, like me, he compulsively refuses to let a great democratic movement be laughed at by stooges of the London media. He too thinks that his niche beliefs should never be mocked or criticized in any way whatsoever.”

She explained that an overwhelming need to argue that jokes about her opinions are not funny was not the only viewpoint on which they agreed.

“As it turns out, he also believes there is a cabal of wealthy elitists working through the EU to destroy the national identity of the British working class.

“It’s just that one us thinks it’s the Jews.”