US pulling out of agreement that benefits everyone is madness, insists government implementing Brexit

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Donald Trump pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal without a clear plan for what happens next is a clear sign of insanity, insists the government pushing full speed ahead with Brexit.

As Trump announced the US would withdraw from the deal that sees Iran’s nuclear ambitions curtailed in return for economic trade that benefits everyone, fans of leaping from cliffs have welcomed the move.

“The deal is a bad one, I can’t explain exactly why it’s a bad deal, but I know it’s bad because the loud man on the telly said so,” explained one voter who definitely voted for Brexit.

“America is going it alone in the world and good on them, there is no reason they can’t make a success of this move, despite every other nation thinking it’s a bad idea.”

Trump himself explained that having a plan for what to do next “isn’t what I do.”

He went on, “If I’ve learned anything from my significant past successes as a businessman, it’s that erratic behaviour is often rewarded, and when it’s not, you can just declare bankruptcy and move on to the next thing with a clean slate.

“So no, I’m not even remotely worried about the implications of walking away from a deal with a rogue nation trying to become a nuclear power.”

British Prime Minister Theresa May condemned the move, telling reporters, “We would strongly urge the Americans to reconsider a course of action that will make the world a poorer more dangerous place and leave them isolated on the international stage.

“You certainly wouldn’t catch us doing such a thing.”