Avengers: Infinity War – The NewsThump review

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A directionless mess of incoherent plot points and characters who appear and are quickly forgotten make for this year’s most disappointing – oh, sorry, we’re talking about the Trump White House again.

The villain of the piece, an oddly-coloured sociopath with a scrotum for a chin and a weird psychosexual relationship with his own daughter has pledged to bring ruin to the universe for entirely selfish reasons – can our plucky…oh, dammit. White House again.

Sorry. Sorry. I’ve got this.

Anyway, yes, the villain. He’s an oversized, unintelligent brute who appears to lack the intelligence or charisma to attract competent support, and instead leads with a mixture of threat and bluster that…Oh GOD DAMNIT I’m doing it again.

His sidekicks are a succession overpromoted members of his own family and a group of goblinlike nonentities who don’t seem to realise just how outclassed they are by even average competi…ti..on…

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Give me a minute.

There are a lot of characters, some returning from previous instalments and some entirely new, but they seem to be entirely disposable and often don’t appear in the narrative for long enough for it to be worth learning their names before they vanish again in place of a fiery explosion or bombastic, self-aggrandising speech by…

Look, I’m really sorry here. I keep getting distracted by the news.

Black and female characters are entirely sidelined and dismissed and…

Nope, damn, news again.

The threat is the death of half the human race…


Look. Avengers: Infinity War is really, really genuinely good. Just turn off the news and enjoy yourselves.

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