Only thing standing between woman and a productive day is her cat

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A woman with plans to really get stuff done today faces a major obstacle in the form of her cat, according to reports.

Simone Williams, 33, spent yesterday evening making a to-do list including paying bills, sorting out her car MOT and applying for several jobs which she genuinely intends to do today.

However, early reports suggest she has reckoned without her cat, 8-year-old Mister Snufflepants.

“You’ve got to feel sorry for Simone”, friends told us.

“She makes these big plans and really intends to get on with them, and then her cat does that thing where he makes his eyes go huge and starts mewing piteously and the next thing you know she’s on the settee watching Murder She Wrote whilst he dribbles into her cleavage.”

However, Simone insists today will be different, and she will cross everything off her list before she and Snufflepants take a well-earned break.

“I’ll just feed him first because he looks so hungry and then I’ll get on with everything else in five minutes,” she told us.

“What could go wrong?”