If an EU passport is so important you should have chosen to have Nigel Farage as your Dad, Remoaners told

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Whining remoaners desperate to retain their EU passports have today been told that where they went wrong was not having Nigel Farage as their Dad.

After it emerged that the former and possible future UKIP leader’s children will be keeping their EU passports and with it the right to travel and work freely on the continent, sore losers have been flatly told that they should have chosen a different parent.

“Look, it is quite simple,” explained Leave.EU spokesperson Simon Williams, “Nearly two years ago the British public voted by an overwhelming margin of like, loads of people, to surrender their EU passports and their associated rights.

“If this lot of whinging remoaners are really that fussed about keeping their EU passports, then they really should have had a long think about the kind of family they were going to be born into.

“One with maybe a foreigner as one of the parents, or something, I dunno.

“It’s all very well saying, ‘we didn’t vote for this’, but they had just as much choice about the family they were born into, and frankly if the children of Nigel Farage will retain and EU passport, then I don’t know why more people aren’t the children of Nigel Farage.

“It clearly has benefits, if you can ignore the whole ‘Farage copulating with your Mum’ element.”

One option that would allow Remain voters to keep their EU passports would be to seek adoption by Nigel Farage, but no-one has expressed an interest in this yet.