Brexiter forgets what he’s supposed to be furious about today

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There was embarrassment earlier for a Brexit supporter who went online to declare he was furious, but was then unable to recall exactly what it was he was supposed to be furious about.

Simon Williams, an unemployed bilge taster from Bridlington, began his daily post on a Facebook forum with the familiar refrain – ‘frankly, I’ve never been so furious about…’ – and then he stopped.

“Well, my face was certainly red, I can tell you,” laughed Mr Williams sheepishly.

“I simply couldn’t remember what I was supposed to be furious about.

“Government betrayal was last Thursday and then the passport thing was yesterday.

“I nearly went with a default we-won-you-lost-get-over-it sort of thing but that didn’t feel quite right for some reason.

“BBC bias, talking Britain down, the British way of life under threat, Jeremy Corbyn, people saying we didn’t single-handedly win the war, not having gollywogs on marmalade jars, the National Trust not calling it an Easter egg hunt but just an egg hunt, not being able to say anything these days.

“There’s just an awful lot of things to be furious about that I need to keep track of.”

Happily, after an hour or so, Mr Williams was able to remember what it was that he was supposed to be furious about.

“It was the blacks, obviously,” he chuckled.

“Far too many of them.

“And that’s not racist, it’s just having the courage to say what everyone’s thinking.”

Mr Williams is now back on Facebook spilling vitriolic bile all over cyberspace like any other day, and he’s resolved to make a spreadsheet of things he’s supposed to be furious about so he never forgets again.

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